What makes us, us

Brains. Heart. Soul. It’s who we are and it’s what makes us FCB Health London.

It’s what makes us proud and excited to work alongside the brilliant, passionate and kind people we call colleagues.

So how do brains, heart and soul inform our values – the way we work and the people we are at work?

Character representing brains

Insightful & Rigorous

We’re a brainy (modest) bunch; thoughtful people who care deeply about the details. And those brains take us beyond assumptions and
expectations, breaking down problems into their parts, and seeing what needs to be done. Rigorous, insightful
thinking that leads to
effective results.

Character representing heart

Brave & Passionate

It takes heart to stand out, by standing up for who you are and what you believe in. And it takes heart to step out beyond the familiar, and to take others along with you too. We are bold, brave and passionate.

Character representing soul

Empathetic & Magical

Soul is what makes us human. Soul is caring deeply about people. And because nothing matters more to people than health, nothing matters more to us.

But Soul is also that unquantifiable, magical, little bit of something we bring to the work we do, that makes it truly special.

EDI + You

A big part of who we are is how we work on our culture; IPG Health's EDI+You strategic mission advocates equity, diversity and inclusion across every aspect of the business. Our We@IPG Health taskforce is pivotal in bringing this to life within our culture and work – including our people, our clients and their customers.